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Tom O'Bedlam said in March 20th, 2010 at 2:45 pm

Unquestionably beautiful, particularly the red cards armour and the desolation of the tea party. Some of the performances were pitched perfectly too, Helena Bonham-Carter’s Red Queen was marvellous (even though, as Kermode points out, it was a lot like Queeny from Blackadder), Stephen Fry made a deliciously langourous Chesire Cat and Alan Rickman was great as Alan Rickman.

The main complaints for me were that the pacing was fucked thoughout, the tea party occupying five minutes of screen time while the tedious bookending segements were seemingly interminable, was a bit off. i also couldn’t help noticing how much of the plot echoed American McGee’s Alice in Wonderland. …(tharr be more) Peer into the depths
On the acting front, Johnny Deppe’s Biggins to Begbie act grated somewhat. Saying that though, occasionally I thought it showed a lot of promise, perhaps I’d have liked it more if the Biggins’ act was simply less pantomimey. Anne Hathaway’s impression of Nigella Lawson in a wind tunnel was a bit misjudged too.

I think at the end of it I came out a bit less miserable than this is making me appear, I completely fell in love with Burton’s Visual Wonderland, that didn’t disappoint at all. I just felt that there was this really likable movie hiding in it that I just couldn’t find.

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Ian said in March 20th, 2010 at 2:57 pm

Thanks for your comment Tom. I agree with the majority of your review particularly your comment about there being a “really likeable movie hiding”.

At no point did I hate the film but for all it’s beauty and fine acting there was just something missing. Even the ever dependable Danny Elfman had an off day with arguably his weakest flm score to date (far to reminisient of the Spider-Man score). I do wonder if the film will grow on me after repeated viewings and am planning to go and see it again (once the stampede’s die down).

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Tom O'Bedlam said in March 20th, 2010 at 3:08 pm

I’m glad you picked up on the unfinished nature of the film too, as I say, the pacing of the film really irritated me. I felt the camera lingered too long in really tedious dialogs and then raced through scenes that I felt should have been more important. Particular offenders here are the tedious real world bookends and the criminally short tea party scene. I wonder if the tea party was shorter than it could have been because they just didn’t have time to CGI it completely.

Also, Elfman’s phoned-in score really shocked me, it was just so… lacklustre. Moat of decapitated heads was superbly creepy.

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